Assalamualaikum to all. I’m giving a drawing service for anyone that interested in doodle. We call it ‘doodle’ and it is similar when you say ‘cartoon’, they have the same meaning. ^_^

Single doodle : RM5

Couple doodle : RM10

Blog header : RM10

Facebook cover : RM10

Special doodle  : RM10

   Wedding card
       for love ones
         Farewell party
        New born
         etc ( Please state your special request )

Banner for your online business or for your cute blog:

128x128  RM5

256x256  RM10

400X57  RM10

Process to Buy Doodle

step 1 : Fill in the form.

step 2 : After I have received the form and the confirmation about the doodle has been made, make the payment to  CIMB 03040087006522 Nurul Syuhadah

step 3 : The doodle will be drawn in two days time.

step 4 : After two days, the doodle will be sent to you.


* I will only draw the basic doodle ( FULL BODY)
*Any added item will be charged RM5      
*Added items are such as:

ü  Cap/hat
ü  Laptop/any gadgets
ü  Chair/table
ü  Handbag
ü  Spectacles
ü  Bracelets/necklace/any jewels
ü  Book/stationaries

I am not hesitate to blacklist for those who fill the form but do not intend to buy it. Those who have been    blacklisted will not be entertained if they fill the form again 
* If you have submitted your form more than 2 days but I still do not reply, kindly contact my blog page.
*Anything, just PM me to my blog page or e-mail me at

Interested? Please CLICK HERE to fill the form about your doodle.
Dear customers, please bank in to :
 CIMB 03040087006522  Nurul Syuhadah

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